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Valhalla Games and Hobbies

A bit of History on Doug Thorp, he had Valhalla Games and Hobbies.

Anyone seen Douglas, or has he disappeared?

Updated 06 Aug 2008 

It's even more important than ever before, for those many who've expressed eagerness to see us take off again and rapidly become even better than the dynamic place we were years ago (before The Background Shenanigans began), that you become a Valhalla member.  

Some of our present membership had volunteered to pay for a three-year membership; another then proposed a discounted six-year membership, to make sure we were around in the future. If we could now build up to even half of our membership numbers before The Background Shenanigans began, some twelve years ago, we'd be well on our way with much new stock. As well, if anyone would like to buy Gift Vouchers right now, to get us a cash-flow through this phase, that would also help considerably.

So, please consider (and let others know to volunteer):

Valhalla back by Public Subscription!

One-year membership  $11  *

Three-year membership  $33  **

Six-year membership  $55  ***

(prices outside of Australia $10, $30, $50)

   * (minimum 10% discount on almost everything)

**(minimum 15% discount on almost everything - not 'net' items - for at least one year)

***(minimum 20% discount on almost everything - not 'net' items - for at least one year)

Payment can be by credit-card by phone, fax, or email (send details split over two emails, for security), or by posted money-order/cheque, or by coming to the premises.

We had built up our membership over many years (indeed, we have many original members from some 30 years ago), and membership is on an annual basis.

Advantages of membership, and we're wanting to add to these, are:

10% discount on purchases (that's on everything but a few net items), and that discount applies using Valhalla Credits or cash/card.

20% discount in our Valhalla Sale times (that's on everything but a few net items).

We have a Monthly Draw, over the month, (1) across the membership and (2) across purchases and (3) across secondhand sales to us.   Currently, this draw is in limbo!

VALHALLA ONE-DAY SALE conditions: (this is currently suspended, but we hope to have it instituted again ASAP) We state a two-week period for the Sale. Member nominates his or her Sale Day any day within that period, and, for the Sale discounts, cannot use Valhalla Credits for any part of payment, cannot set goods aside or layby, cannot order in goods, cannot make layby payments or pay for goods set aside. In short, Sale is for cash or credit card / EFTPOS only, and only on goods in the store on that member-nominated day. Member thus has to make a choice of day which suits him or her best as to what's in store on a particular day - it could be the first day of the Sale period, it could be the 10th day - who's to know? Decisions! Decisions!! :)

Details we need for your membership:

Name (first/last):


Phone number:

Email address:

Referred by: